In addition to our trusted repairs and services for all makes and models of cars and trucks in the Durango, CO area, 4×4 and More is a trusted NAPA AutoCare Center, bringing you certified mechanics you can depend on. We also have extensive knowledge on Jeeps and off road vehicles, and work with several of the brands you know and trust in the off road market, including TeraFlex and ARB. We can easily order in most of the parts, accessories, and aftermarket upgrades you may be looking for, to get your 4WD vehicle off the highway and onto your favorite off road trails in the Four Corners region.

As a trusted NAPA AutoCare Center, 4×4 and More is your source for all repairs and general services for any make and model of car, truck, SUV, or van. We can help you with the small things, to the large things, including clutch and belt replacements, as well as regular maintenance such as tune-ups and tire rotations.

Find everything your Jeep or 4WD vehicle needs to get you off the road and onto the trails with the help of 4×4 and More. In addition to aftermarket upgrades and suspension lift kits on off road vehicles, our team of mechanics can also repair and replace the necessary components on any make and model of vehicle. Your shocks and struts are important for a safe and controlled drive! From aftermarket suspension lifts kits, installation, and repairs, to helping you get the perfect accessories for your make and model of off road vehicle, 4×4 and More is your 4WD Specialist in Durango, CO.

When upgrading a Jeep or off road vehicle for trail riding, there may be times when some light metal fabrication and welding are required. At 4×4 and More, we can do many light fabrications, and welding for the proper installation and repairs on off road vehicles. Because every metal fabrication or welding job is different, please talk with our qualified team about how we can help you upgrade or modify your 4WD vehicle.

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, you may know the hassles of having a faulty clutch, including driving hazards, and potential damage to the transmission of your vehicle. At 4×4 and More we can repair or replace a clutch on any make and model of car, truck, or SUV. Increase or restore the performance of your transmission system with a transfer case rebuild done for you by the team at 4×4 and More. We can rebuild transfer cases for Jeeps, Dodge, Chevy, GMC, Ford, and several other makes and models in the Durango, CO area.

Regular engine tune-ups are important for the long-term health of your vehicle. From adjustments and fine-tuning of your engine components, to complete engine tune-ups on your vehicle, the team at 4×4 and More offers engine tuning services on any make and model.

4×4 and More is a trusted source for repairs and services on the cooling system in your vehicle, including the radiator and water pump. The cooling system is a complex series of components that work together to draw heat away from your engine and maintain an optimal temperature while you drive. We offer repairs and services on all of your cooling system components, including water pumps, cooling fan, pressure cap, thermostat, and cooling reservoir.

Our team will also inspect all of the filters in your vehicle, including those in the fuel system, crankcase, and cabin ventilation system, as well as your air filters, and can replace them for you when needed. In addition to improving your gas mileage, clean filters prevent harmful pollutants from reaching important components in your engine, and potentially corroding other important parts in your vehicle.

In the summer, well functioning air conditioning can make the difference between a comfortable ride, and an unbearable trip from one destination to the next. If your air conditioning is not cooling you down when you need it to, bring your vehicle into 4×4 and More for basic services and repairs, to a complete system replacement.

Your electrical systems are a big deal. When your vehicle begins to lose power while you’re driving, not turning over properly when you are starting it, or it simply will not start for you when you turn over the ignition, it may be time to have your alternator or starter serviced, or replaced. 4×4 and More usesbthe best alternators and starters in the industry, bringing you quick, efficient repairs for all makes and models.

The experienced mechanics at 4×4 and More can replace timing belts on any make and model. As an integral component in your vehicle, replacing your timing belt according to your vehicle’s factory recommendations is the best way to prevent problems, before they happen. If you begin to notice a problem with your timing belt, it is likely already too late.

At 4×4 and More we have advanced software to help identify and diagnose the source of problems in your vehicle. We can run computer diagnostics on almost any make and model of vehicle, from a new model SUV or compact car, to an off road Jeep or 4WD truck.

Most makes and models of vehicles today rely on a fuel injection system to supply fuel to the engine, thus supplying your vehicle with the necessary power to get you where you need to be. At 4×4 and More we can repair and replace necessary components in this system, to help you get the most efficient mileage and performance from your vehicle.

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