ARB offers high end products that range from travel refrigerators to awnings, roof top tents, recovery gear, air lockers and bumpers.

All of their equipment is very durable and meant to be used! Their bumpers are heavy duty,many with grill protection built in and provision to add a winch if desired. One of the most important features of their bumpers is that they are designed with safety in mind.They are engineered to work with the manufactures air bag supplementary restraint system meaning that in the event of a collision the air bags will deploy as they were meant to.

The on demand air locker is designed to maintain normal differential function allowing smooth turning without binding, clicking sounds or chirping tires. When the locker is engaged it prevents the wheels from spinning and provides maximum traction. Larger model air compressors available can also be used to air up tires after a day on the trail or just in case of emergency.

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